How You Can Help

By giving a donation, running an event, or taking on a sponsored challenge you will help us change the lives of children on HSE waiting lists. Funds raised will also go toward raising €150K to purchase an EOS scanner which will assist in these childrens’ ongoing care.

To make a donation, please click here. Straight Ahead are working in association with the Children’s Medical Research foundation, if you wish to create an event or sponsor an existing event, please visit and reference Straight Ahead.

How is the money spent?

Through the HSE, one operation would cost approximately €50,000. However, thanks to the generosity and dedication of the medical staff, the co-operation of the hospitals and the sponsorship of the medical supply companies, Straight Ahead can complete the operations at a cost of €15,000 each.

The amount of €15,000 covers the cost for theatre facilities, x-ray facilities, spinal chord monitoring, a 5-7 day in-patient hospital stay and antibiotics.

The medical implants and the majority of medical staff costs are donated free to Straight Ahead.